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I write a program which takes IP address as an argument and i wanted to store this IP address in the unit32_t. I can easily convert uint32_t to back to character array. How to convert IP address in Char Array to uint32_t.

For example

./IPtoCHAR 1079733050

uint32_t to IP Address =>

But how to write a program that does the reverse task?


for the first IPtoCHAR, it is

unsigned int ipAddress = atoi(argv[1]);

printf("IP Address %d.%d.%d.%d \n",((ipAddress >> 24) & 0xFF),((ipAddress >> 16) & 0xFF),((ipAddress >> 8) & 0xFF),(ipAddress & 0xFF));

But all these below does not work

uint32_t aa=(uint32_t)("");

uint32_t aa=atoi("");

uint32_t aa=strtol("",NULL,10);

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You use the inet_pton. function

And for the other way around you should have used inet_ntop.

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