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I am trying to add SecureSocial 2.0.12 dependency in play framework but when i compile it i am

getting a Resolve Exception:unresolved dependency:securesocial # secure social_2.10;2.0.12:not


i am using play 2.0.4.

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Can you show us you Build.scala file? BTW this should not be on Stackoverflow but on the issue tracker of secure social. –  i.am.michiel Mar 27 '13 at 9:32

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The procedure outlined at http://securesocial.ws/guide/installation.html works fine for me. However, there's no released version of securesocial for Scala 2.10. You say you're using Play 2.0.4, which is based on Scala 2.9, but you're attempting to resolve a 2.10 version of securesocial. Are you really using 2.0.4?

EDIT (3 May, 2013): securesocial appears to be available for Scala 2.10 now, as version master-SNAPSHOT or 2.1-RC4. See http://repo.scala-sbt.org/scalasbt/webapp/search/artifact?1&q=securesocial

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