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So I have some images and I could sucessfuly apply effects to them by using the CamanJS plugin. But now I want to save these altered images and replace them with the original one.

The documentation (link) Provides information on saving images. but it is seen as a download prompt. I want the images to be saved at the server without a prompt and on the click of the "save" button.

The documentation also says something about base64 encoding which I dont understand. Could my problem be solved? thanks!.

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CamanJS has a built-in function that helps you get the Base64 representation of the image. You can send that to the server via Ajax, decode the base64 string, and save it as a normal image.

Caman("#my-image", function () {
  this.render(function () {
    var image = this.toBase64();
    saveToServer(image); // your ajax function
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Caman allows you to specify the type this.toImage('png') – bobbdelsol Mar 6 '14 at 1:06
Thanks, it works. – user352353 Apr 1 '14 at 4:58

As you can see in this answer: you can obtain the base64 representation of an image using <canvas> and the function toDataURL().

When you get the base64 string you can use AJAX to send the image to the server (you can use jQuery $.ajax or $.post methods) and then in the server you can decode de base64 string to an image and stores it.

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