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I wanted to close child activity from parent activity. My flow is like activity A is opened inside Activity A I am opening activity B. But same time my activity A is doing some background task. When I got result of my background task I wanted to close activity B from Activity A.

Is it Possible to do that. Need help. Thank you.

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You can start activity B by using startActivityForResult (Intent intent, int requestCode) then you can close activity B by calling finishActivity (int requestCode).

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What you should do is start your activity with startActivityForResult(yourIntent, childId);

Then, when you want to kill your child activity, try finishActivity(childId);

Saw that Here

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How is that different from this? –  theV0ID Mar 27 '13 at 8:49
It's not, just quoting my source. –  Damien R. Mar 27 '13 at 8:51

you don't need to finish() every activity once you leave it, Android will do that for you. so you just restart Activity A to the top task .

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