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I have a report that renders images (jpg) that have been collected from various sources. This works fine within the report viewer, and when exporting via Excel.

However, when exporting to PDF, about 5% of the images are rendered incorrectly as can be seen below, with the original on the left, and what is rendered on the right;

enter image description here rendered image image

I find that if I open up one of these images in mspaint, and just click save, on the next report-run the image is now rendered correctly.

Are there any rules as to what image properties/format are valid for SSRS to render the image correctly within a PDF? Essentially I'd like to somehow find these images that will render incorrectly before the report is run and fix them prior...

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Because of the way the output looks I would say those JPEG images have CMYK colorspace but the SSRS assumes they use RGB colorspace and sets the wrong colorspace in PDF.
If you can post a JPEG image and a sample PDF I can give you more details.

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