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I'm trying to implement a database for a Chemistry Quiz

The idea is to provide chemistry questions using marvinscketch from chemaxon, using cxsmiles as compound structures.

I'm looking for some advice really, not sure if my db design would work correctly?

The tables for this database are:

  • Questions: main table for relations
  • QuestionType: a string for a kind of question (for example one type of question named oneStructureQuestion)
  • Category: Stores the category in a string and makes relation with the Unit and SubUnit of the syllabus
    • Unit: description for the unit content for the syllabus
      • Subunit: description for the subunit of the syllabus

An example of a type of question is:

  • oneStructureQuestion
    • questionTxt
    • structure

enter image description here

The code for this database is here


Is this the right model? How can I improve this?

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It would help if the names were in English so that we could understand them. And some description of your data model would help. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Mar 27 '13 at 9:21
I added some description and now all the names are in English. –  friveroll Mar 27 '13 at 20:44

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I do not understand the names of the tables of your current design ;), but I would not create a table for each type of question. Have your question table contain all information for all types of questions, a enum field to depict the type, and only refer to other tables when you otherwise would have multi-valued fields or duplicate data. Storing many NULL values is not expensive.


- id
- questionText
- correctNumber (INT, ...)
- correctBoolean
- mcListId
- correctMultipleChoiceOptionId
- ...

- id
- name

- id
- multipleChoiceListId
- label

- id
- questionId
- numberGiven
- booleanGiven
- givenMultipleChoiceOptionId
- ...
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Thank you for your suggestion, I modify the question and attach a gist for a sql dump of this design. I was researching about enum and find this topic stackoverflow.com/questions/766299/…. And please let me known what do you think abour the new model. –  friveroll Mar 27 '13 at 20:42

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