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I have certain images in a directory and I want to load all those images to do some processing. I tried using the load function.

imagefiles = dir('F:\SIFT_Yantao\demo-data\*.jpg');      
nfiles = length(imagefiles);    % Number of files found
 for i=1:nfiles
 I2 = imread(currentfilename);
 [pathstr, name, ext] = fileparts(currentfilename);
 textfilename = [name '.mat'];
fulltxtfilename = [pathstr textfilename];
descr2 = des2;
frames2 = loc2;
do_match(I1, descr1, frames1, I2, descr2, frames2) ;

I am getting an error as unable to read xyz.jpg no such file or directory found, where xyz is my first image in that directory.
I also want to load all formats of images from the directory instead of just jpg...how can i do that?

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aushima: You can easily load multiple image with same type as follow:

imgPath = '/path/to/images/folder';
imgType = '*.png'; % change based on image type
images  = dir([imgPath imgType]);
for idx = 1:length(images)
    Seq{d} = imread([imgPath images(idx).name]);
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I believe you want the imread function, not load. See the documentation.

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The full path (inc. directory) is not held in imgfiles.name, just the file name, so it can't find the file because you haven't told it where to look. If you don't want to change directories, use fullfile again when reading the file.

You're also using the wrong function for reading the images - try imread. Other notes: it's best not to use i for variables, and your loop is overwriting I2 at every step, so you will end up with only one image, not four.

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How can i give fullfile again when i am reading the image..can u please write the code?? –  aushima Mar 27 '13 at 10:33
Have you actually looked at the documentation for fullfile? –  wakjah Mar 27 '13 at 10:37
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