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hello i m new in python (have to use python 2.7) programming and i m working on a legacy system which generates a txt file of 13,000 lines and sample is as follows

center = 1204
outside_diameter = 9.00023
2.0003 , 3.000943
3.4330 , 3.00083
4.0054 , 2.00004
3.4343 , 3.03200

i have to find the values of center and outside_diameter and store that int data in variables... then tricky part (for me) i have to read all the lines after --- MEASUREMENT DATA LEFT --- line and the no of lines to be read is equal to the center's int value that is i\In this case i have to read 1204 lines after --- MEASUREMENT DATA LEFT --- line similarly for the --- MEASUREMENT DATA RIGHT --- and save all these results in a text file.

kindly help with this.... thanks in advance

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If you know the structure of the file, you can use some Python Input and Output work and some Python string manipulation..


"random" in ["just some random text"]

returns True;

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