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The page I'm working with sometimes displays a modal layover with a div (position: fixed) > div (position: relative; width/height: 100%) > div (position: absolute; left/right: 50%).

Both on mobile devices and on Chrome/Safari on the desktop, swiping still scrolls the page behind the layover. Can I prevent this with JavaScript or CSS, and, if so, how?

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At least on desktop browsers, there are two events related to scrolling: scroll and mousewheel. The former occurs when an element is scrolled, which cannot be prevented.

What you're looking to do is catch the mousewheel event on the overlay and prevent its default action. You can do that with JavaScript and jQuery like so:

$('#overlay').on('mousewheel', function(e) {

This won't work in IE and Firefox, however. For browser compatibility details, see this page.

There appears to be no consistent way of doing this on mobile browsers, nor with scrolling via the touchpad on OS X.

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this is true, but to also support mobile devices for web applications, use this:

document.ontouchstart = function(e){ 


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