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When I use 'Highlight usages in file' in Resharper nothing is highlighted in my text editor. I see the result bar on bottom telling 'Found x usages of ...'. So Resharper finds it but somehow I've lost coloring.

Do you know where I can set it? I thought about Resharper_Highlght in VS's Fonts and Colors settings but it must be for something else.

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Read Usage and Write Usage settings should determine the color in this case.

Go to Tools -> Options -> Fonts and Colors, find out ReSharper Read Usage and ReSharper Write Usage in the 'Display items' list and try to set the background color.

Although 'Item foreground' seems not working for me, 'Item background' works fine so I hope it helps you too!

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It turned out that my installation of Resharper was broken. After I repaired it (Control Panel->Add remove programs) it works as you described. Found it before you answered but didn't have time to update my question. – Piotr Perak Apr 29 '13 at 12:45
Never mind... Good to hear it's working well. – zbynour Apr 29 '13 at 13:10

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