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I am getting a virtual table error while I can not detect any faults in my code. Could someone give me a point in the right direction? Sorry for the dutch terminology, hopefully it isn't an issue.

#ifndef LIJST_H
#define LIJST_H

#include "product.h"
#include <list>

typedef list<Product*> lijst;

#endif // LIJST_H

// Methode

#ifndef METHODE_H
#define METHODE_H

#include "lijst.h"

class Methode
    Methode() {}
    virtual ~Methode() {}
    virtual double run(lijst *items);

#endif // METHODE_H

// Productmethode

#include "methode.h"

class ProductMethode : public Methode
    map<string,double> kortingsTabel;
    ProductMethode() {}
    void addKorting(string naam, double korting);
    double run(lijst *items);

// Main
#include <QCoreApplication>
#include "factuur.h"
#include "product.h"
#include "globalemethode.h"
#include "productmethode.h"
#include "drempelmethode.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);

    GlobaleMethode G ( 0.1 );
    ProductMethode P;
    P.addKorting ( "Melk", 0.1 );
    P.addKorting ( "Boter", 0.05 );
    Factuur F ( &G );
    F.addProduct ( new Product ( "Melk", 0.75 ) );
    F.addProduct ( new Product ( "Kaas", 5 ) );
    F.addProduct ( new Product ( "Boter", 1.7 ) );
    cout << F.totaal ( ) << endl;
    F.setMethode ( &P );
    cout << F.totaal ( );

    return a.exec();
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You just declared a method in class Methode:

virtual double run(lijst *items);

The method needs to be defined as well. Only pure virtual functions are allowed to be without a definition.

Also, one would usually use virtual to overidde behavior of certain base class method for derived class, but in your example you do not provide a definition for the overidden virtual method. You should. If you don't need to then why did you make the method virtual to begin with? It need not be virtual.

Good Read:

What does it mean that the "virtual table" is an unresolved external?

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I was going for a pure virtual function, which apparently needs to be defined as virtual double run(lijst *items) = 0;. Also, I did define the run method in ProductMethode, however I forgot to show the cpp content. Thanks for the help! :) –  RobotRock Mar 27 '13 at 11:03
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