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Some time ago (Sep 2010) I put together a small executable (Perl, compiled with ActiveState's PDK) that changes the Skype Status, eg: C:> setSkypeStatus.exe AWAY

However, several Skype updates ago it stopped working. I get the following output:

[skype]I am attaching
[win]wnd 000205f8 msg 00000024 00000000 02f0f978
[win]wnd 000205f8 msg 00000081 00000000 02f0f96c
[win]wnd 000205f8 msg 00000083 00000000 02f0f958
[win]SkypeControlAPIAttach=c250 Skype available=0
[send]#02f57ac441943761 GET USERSTATUS
[send]skypesendmessage failed
[win]detected other skype api client: 00000000

I use Ctrl-C to stop it - even after leaving it overnight. The Perl is quite simple:

use SkypeAPI;
my $skype = SkypeAPI->new();
my $allowed_status = "DND|ONLINE|AWAY|NA";
print "\nSkype available=", $skype->attach , "\n\n";
my $command = $skype->create_command( { string => "GET USERSTATUS"} );
print "\n", $skype->send_command($command) , "\n\n";
die "\nInvalid status: ".$ARGV[0]." allowed values are: ".$allowed_status."\n\n"
    if $ARGV[0] !~ /^$allowed_status$/;
$command = $skype->create_command( { string => "SET USERSTATUS ".$ARGV[0] } );
print "\n", $skype->send_command($command) , "\n\n";

Can anyone shed any light on the problem for me, please?


Question also posted at: http://cpanforum.com/posts/13841 (Nov 2012, no responses).

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That package is outdated? Have a look at: Skype::Any, Win32::Skype. –  Qtax Mar 27 '13 at 10:56
How do I set my status using either of those packages? –  gulbrain Mar 27 '13 at 13:27
Read the documentation. (Seems to be done in a similar way.) And if you can't make it work (after you tried) ask in another question. –  Qtax Mar 27 '13 at 13:54
I read the documentation in order to determine which one I should go to the hassle of installing and neither of them appear to provide a method that will allow me to set my status. If they cannot do that, then they are not a suitable answer to this question. –  gulbrain Mar 27 '13 at 17:21

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