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I work with containers.

If A is a container then container_traits<A>::reference_container must type an A.

If container RefContainer<C> is_base_of A, then container_traits<A>::reference_container must type a C.

The following code does this upcasting (or dereferencing, as I say). The problem is that, even if reference = false compiler checks if C::reference_container exists as type, and fail to compile.

Any other approaches?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

template<typename C> struct RefContainer;

template<class C>
class container_traits
    template <typename R>
    static std::true_type ref_helper(const RefContainer<R>&);
    static std::false_type ref_helper(...);
    constexpr static bool reference = decltype(ref_helper(std::declval<C>()))::value;
    typedef typename std::conditional<reference, typename C::reference_container, C>::type reference_container;

template<typename C>
struct RefContainer : public C { typedef typename container_traits<C>::reference_container reference_container; };
struct Container1 {};
struct Container2 {};
template<typename C> struct D : public RefContainer<C> {};
struct E : public RefContainer<D<RefContainer<Container1>>> {};

int main()
    container_traits<Container1>::reference_container e; // It is Container1
    container_traits<RefContainer<Container1>>::reference_container f; // dereference to Container1
    container_traits<D<Container2>>::reference_container // dereference to Container2
    container_traits<E>::reference_container h; // dereference to Container1
    return 0;
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1 Answer

Just create helper class

template<class T, bool der>
struct hlp
   typedef T type;

template<class T>
struct hlp<RefContainer<T>, true>
   typedef T::reference_container type;
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Last 2 lines in main() failed to arrive on Container1. This happen because with this approach, you catch only RefContainer and not classes derived from RefContainer. –  Chameleon Mar 27 '13 at 12:05
@Chameleon missed this thing, I changed answer. Use it instead of std::conditional –  kassak Mar 27 '13 at 12:09
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