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I did an sql export of a mysql table in phpmyadmin and was given a textfile which looks like this:

"property";"367158";"4012";"5";"sold";"2013-02-06 05:40:27"
"property";"367159";"4013";"5";"sold";"2013-02-06 09:51:52"

Notice the lack of semi-colon at the end of the row.

I have hundreds of these rows like above. How do I easily import these data entries back into the table?

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What you have is a delimited file. I believe that this format is supported by phpmyadmin import. Choose delimited format, set the delimiter to ';' and do the import.

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in phpmyadmin go to import tab and there you will see options like fields separated by,etc mark them according to the file and click ok

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I have done something similar long ago, try something like this in mysql command line:

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE 'C:/workbench/test-file.csv' INTO TABLE properties

If does not work you can modify according to you needs such as end of line, file name, file path, etc.

For more info have a look:


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This only works if the OP has command line access and can run the MySQL command line. –  Peter Wooster Mar 27 '13 at 11:55

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