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We are using fmt:setBundle to load a resource bundle from a database (we extended the ResourceBundle class to do that). When we modify a value in database, we have to reload the web server to display the new value on the web app.

Is there any simple way to use the new value without restarting the web server ?

(We do not want to always look up the value from database but we would like to invalidate the cache, for example by calling a special 'admin' URL)

EDIT : We are using JDK 1.4, so I would prefer a solution on that version. :)

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If you're not too attached to the ResourceBundle class itself, then Spring's MessageSource abstraction provides a more flexible approach, including caching and reloading messages. It can wrap your custom ResourceBundle. You can just use that bit of the Spring API on its own, if necessary. – skaffman Oct 1 '08 at 7:40
The answer is probably specific to the Servlet contain (app server) you are using, e.g. Tomcat or JBoss. Which one? – Peter Hilton Oct 1 '08 at 7:50
We're using Tomcat to develop but Websphere Application Server for production (5.X). – paulgreg Oct 1 '08 at 12:49
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As others have pointed out in the comments, you might want to look into Spring - particularly the ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource.

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If you're using JDK 1.6 you can use the callback methods getTimeToLive() and needsReload() in ResourceBundle.Control to control if the bundle cache needs to be loaded with new values from the database.

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