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I'm using SabreAMF to decode AMF data in PHP. I'm getting result as :

Rtmp\SabreAMF\AMF3\SabreAMF_AMF3_Wrapper Object
    [data:Rtmp\SabreAMF\AMF3\SabreAMF_AMF3_Wrapper:private] => Array
      [0] => Array
        [0] => value1
        [1] => value2

The problem is that I can't access data property to get an Array with values because it's a private property. How can i do it ?

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With getters... – Mike B Mar 27 '13 at 12:21
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The general idea of private members is that they are blocked from being accessed from outside.

If you have access to the class, you can write a __get method which will help you (but if you have the access you can also make them public).

Some workaround is to "catch" the output of print_r, var_export or var_dump functions and then parse it, so you would get what you need.

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Consider also serialize – Voitcus Mar 27 '13 at 12:48

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