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Really struggling to find an active solution that would enable 2 way communication between monotouch (c#) to uiwebview.

Android seems to do this well with JavaScriptInterface.

(Trying to get leaflet.js working inside a Xamarin IOS uiwebview component with geojson downloaded so i can populate leaflet.js sitting in the uiwebview and also listen to js callbacks from native side).

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See this sample:


And previous questions on StackOverflow:

How I can call a javascript function with MonoTouch and vice versa?

MonoTouch UIWebView and EvaluateJavascript

Or full blog posts:


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Thanks Miguel. Would be great if the Mapbox IOS SDK got officially converted for monotouch in full, at some point. :) –  user904538 Mar 30 '13 at 9:37

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