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i Need TO customize the recordtext:{0}-{1}of {2} in Jqgrid Using Jquery

I need Like this 1-10 of 29 (Users) , 1-10 of 29 (Administrators) , 1-10 of 29 (Emails)

In My project I am using Around 10 Jqgrids , i want to change the text inside the brackets for each single grid.

I need Urgent Solution .

The record text Format is in Language File of jqgrid(grid-en.js) and format like this recordtext:{0}-{1}of {2}

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use this code

$("#grid").jqGrid('setGridParam', { recordtext: "View {0} - {1}" + " of " + Total}).trigger('reloadGrid');
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You can try a work around like this:

In the gridcomplete function of jqgrid explicitly add your desired text to the right pager td. The generated td id of the pager section will be, 'pager_right'.(You can confirm it with firebug).

 gridComplete: function ()

                    var tableData = $( '#pager_right' ).find( 'div' );
                    span = $( '<span>(some text)</span>' );
                    tableData.append( span );
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thanks slacker for reply – Anjaneya Mar 27 '13 at 14:58
Please accept and vote up the answer, if it helped you. – Sharun Mar 27 '13 at 15:19

You can use extend method on language script before the creating grid.

    defaults : {
        recordtext: "View {0} - {1} of (Users) {2}",
        emptyrecords: "No records to view",
        loadtext: "Loading...",
        pgtext : "Page {0} of {1}"
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In your jqgrid definition just override the recordtext parameter. For example, this is what I did.

  $myGrid = $('gridName)'
                    dataType   : 'json',
                    scroll : true,
                    scrollOffset : 20,
                    scrollrows : true,
                    viewsortcols : [ true, 'horizontal', true ],
                    width : '100%',
                    height : '100%',
                    viewrecords : true,
                    recordtext: "Total Records : {2}",
            ....other parameters as you need them..

Please refer the jqgrid-wiki for more information.

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