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As part of a web-service say A, I need to call another web-service say B.

The response given to the caller of A shouldn't be dependent upon B i.e it should be returning the response back to the caller irrespective of the outcome of B, considering that B might take some time.

The systems calling A and B are both different. How do I achieve this?

Note: Using RESTful web-services/Java

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Remember that, in the end, the web service operation in programming language will be a plain method for your client, so use it within an asynchronous call. Check How to asynchronously call a method in Java. –  Luiggi Mendoza Mar 27 '13 at 13:18

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The client should invoke the Web Service A operation asynchronously.

Web Service A should invoke the Web Service B operation asynchronously as well.

With this, the client will always receive a response regardless of the outcome of Web Service B.

Most of the REST frameworks already have asynchronous invocation support:

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As per given requirement,

Call from Client to Service A can be synchronous Restful call in your case. Call from Service A to Service B is asynchronous.

So use restful connectivity between client to Service A as usual.

In case of Call Service A -> Service B you need to use, JMS concepts, say request and response queues. Please refer http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14571_01/web.1111/e15184/asynch.htm These are generally implemented as 2 one way requests.

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