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Can anyone help me how to set the radio button selected text in localStorage? Here is my code but I'm getting undefined value at every time:

<label for="gender">GENDER:  
<input type="radio" id="radiobtn1" name="gender" value="0"/>  
<label for="radiobtn1">MALE</label>  
<input type="radio" id="radiobtn1" name="gender" value="1"/>
<label for="radiobtn1">FEMALE</label>  

jQuery code; I'm getting selected value when trying to write the code like this:

var tempgender = $("input:checked + label").text(); 
console.log("gender selcte value:" + tempgender);

But when trying to save selected value in localstorage by writing this code then getting "undefined value".

window.localStorage.setItem("tempgender",$("input:checked + label").text());`                                                  

What am I doing wrong?

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Please don't ask another question until you've learned to use the editor. That was one of the most poorly formatted posts I've seen in three years. – meagar Mar 27 '13 at 13:19
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code is correct but i think localstorage is not supported by your browser , do perform before using localstorage

  alert("storage is supported and you can store data in it");
 alert("Get new version of browser or use browser which support storage");

for further details you can check : Store data locally with HTML5 Web Storage

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