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Is it possible to update the Name string of a particular TStringList name/value pair?

List.Names[I]:= name;

I know Names is a readonly property, I was wondering if there was another way that I don't know about?

Or do I have to do a entire update of the entire string

List[I]:= name=value

the problem is I store a large amount of string values in the value portion of the name/value pair



I would much rather just update the name portion 9cause that's all I need to do)


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There is no "name portion"; the name and the value are stored together in a single string. Therefore, there is no penalty for modifying the entire item compared to modifying just the name portion since there's no way to do the latter anyway. –  Rob Kennedy Mar 27 '13 at 13:36

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You need read the index of the item representing the name/value pair. Do that by calling IndexOfName(). And then you modify that item. So the code would look a little like this:

Index := List.IndexOfName(OldName);
if Index=-1 then
  // handle error
List[Index] := NewName + List.NameValueSeparator + List.ValueFromIndex[Index];

Since you are on a Delphi that has support for generics, you may be better off with TDictionary<string, string>.

Even then it's not trivial to change the name of an item. Translated to a dictionary the code looks like this:

Item := Dict.ExtractPair(OldName);
Dict.Add(NewName, Item.Value);
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It was what I assumed, and already completed, but thanks for verifying that it was the only way –  JakeSays Mar 27 '13 at 21:20

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