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I am trying to find the width of a loaded image in clojure. In processing I would do this,

    PImage img=loadImage("image.jpg");
    int x=img.width;
    int y=img.height;

I tried to do this same in clojure but it won't work

   (defn loadwebimg []
     (let [filelst (map (fn [f] (.getName f)) (.listFiles (File. (str datadir))))
           imgf (first (shuffle filelst))
           webimg (load-image (str datadir imgf))
      (image webimg 0 0) 
      (println webimg.height))
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Jake, can you say more about the symptom? Was there an error message? Did the error message have a line number? –  user100464 Mar 27 '13 at 14:57
The first problem I see is how you're calling println. You need to do this: (println (.height webimg)) –  user100464 Mar 27 '13 at 15:16

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If webimg is an object when you would use the . special form to read its fields like you do for the file objects you use above it.

as user100464 points out:

(println webimg.height)

would become

(println (. webimg height)


(println (.height webimg))
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