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This project uses rails + backbone-on-rails. I've tries this & that... but still i can't set global variable in a response callback. here's what i tried to do:
1) Initialization of variable in the same place backbone is initialized

$(document).ready ->
  window.current_user = null

2) to set up callback

  authorize: ->
      type: 'POST'
      url: '/api/sessions.json'
      wait: true
        email: @get('email')
        password:  @get('password')
    ).success( (response) ->
      exports = this
      exports.current_user = response
      window.current_user = response
      `window.current_user = response`

3) and finally execute this method:

loginUser: (e)->
    if !@validateField('password') && !@validateField('email')
      return false
    @model.attributes  = @readAttributes()
    @model.authorize() # call a method defined above
    console.warn window.current_user
    if window.current_user
      @$('#errors').text('You\'ve successfuly logged in ' )
      @$('#errors').text('Wrong email/password!')

output of console.warn window.current_user is null
How should i use this global variable?
PS. response from server is correct.

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Resolved in only by changing 1) to

$(document).ready ->
  window.current_user =
    name: ""
    company: ""
    created_at: ""
    email: ""
    facebook: ""
    id: ""
    license_id: ""
    linkedin: ""
    password_digest: ""
    phone: ""
    title: ""
    twitter: ""
    updated_at: ""
    web: ""

Didn't find any other way yet...

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