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In Microsoft Office a user can run a script that executes a predefined set of actions (e.g. select text and make it bold). This can be accomplished by either:

  1. writing a script (in this case: using the Visual Basic programming language) from scratch, or
  2. generating a script automatically by recording a user's actions, and then modifying the script if necessary.


Keeping in mind Microsoft Office macros...

  • the utility should be able to generate a script by simply recording a user's actions
  • a software developer should be able to modify the generated script
  • the utility should support most if not all Windows applications (I don't intend to be manipulating a web browser)
  • a free solution is preferred, but is not mandatory
  • when the script executes, the objective is to simulate a user using an application


Given these requirements, what do you think is the best tool for simulating user input for a Windows third-party application?

Let's take AutoIt for example: it allows you to manipulate third-party applications via a scripting language [GOOD], but it appears that you can't simply record a user's actions to generate a script that could be used as a starting point [BAD].

Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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I recommend Autoit

I'd still consider Autoit because you can use AU3Recorder. It comes with the full version of Scite (still free). It's found under the Tools menu. It works pretty well but there are so many different ways to address a control that sometimes the method it picks isn't the most ideal.

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