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I was wondering if any of you knew of a tool that would allow me to select a line in my code and then view a list view of the history of that line, on a commit by commit basis.

Anyone know of such a tool?

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I know only the IntelliJ IDEA "Viewing Changes History for Selection" feature.

You could also try to use several git blame commands to iterate over history of a fragment.

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I use PHPStorm so I was able to use that 'show history for selection' Thank you for your help Kan. – David.LPower Mar 27 '13 at 14:50

May be annotations in IntelliJ IDEA is that you are looking for:

the left gutter with enabled annotations

Showing and hiding annotations

  1. Open the desired file in the editor.
  2. To show annotations, right-click the left gutter, and select Annotate:
    context menu
  3. To hide annotations, right-click the annotations gutter, and choose Close Annotations.
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As suggested in one of the comments in Can Git show history for selected lines?

git show $(git blame example.js -L 250,260 | awk '{print $1}')

more info: Every line of code is always documented.

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git log (docs)

git-log shows commit logs.

Usage example

You can specify -L option to trace the evolution of the line range given by ",". You can specify this option more than once.

git log -L 40,50:foo.txt
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git blame (docs)

git-blame shows what revision and author last modified each line of a file.

Usage examples

When you are interested in finding the origin for lines 40-50 for file foo, you can use the -L option like so (they mean the same thing — both ask for 11 lines starting at line 40):

git blame -L 40,50 foo.txt
git blame -L 40,+11 foo.txt

You can specify a revision for git blame to look back starting from (instead of the default of HEAD) if you want to find out who edited that lines before a specific commit (fe25b6d in this example; fe25b6d^ is the parent of fe25b6d):

git blame -L 40,+11 fe25b6d^ -- foo.txt
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