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I have a question about Tapestry pages and templates.

A user send request to get a page. I recognize the request comes from mobile or desktop. I want to show a requested page with different layout.

For instance:

If the request comes from mobile device I want to load mobileLayout.tml and pages/mobile/index.tml, that index.tml have t:type="mobilelayout".

If it comes from desktop device I want to load layout.tml and pages/index.tml, that index.tml have t:type="layout".


Show page pages/index.tml only for Desktop devices.

Show page pages/mobile/index.tml only for Mobile devices.

  • Requested page: /index
  • Device: Phone
  • I want to load mobileLayout and pages/mobile/index.tml

  • Requested page: /index

  • Device: Desktop
  • I want to load layout.tml and pages/index.tml

Basically for mobile devices I want to get content from pages/mobile otherwise from pages/.

Is something like that possible in Tapestry5(5.3.6)?

I have tried something like below, but without success:

LayoutLoader.tml - There I recognise where the request comes from.

<t:delegate to="layout" />

<t:block t:id="mobileLayout">
   <t:mobileLayout />     

<t:block t:id="desktopLayout">
   <t:layout />   


<body t:type="layoutloader">...</body>


<body t:type="layoutloader">...</body>


<div t:type="layout">...</div>


<div t:type="mobileLayout">...</div>
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Here's an interesting thread:… –  Sotirios Delimanolis Mar 27 '13 at 14:20
Thanks for link I'll check it out. –  Zis Mar 27 '13 at 14:38

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You might find Igor's blog post interesting

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Tapestry 5.3 added support for skinning and themeing; Igor has provided a great description of it. The only trickiness is that you have to supply a couple of shims to explain to Tapestry what the theme and/or skin is for the active request; that information can come from the site address, or be encoded into the URL, or perhaps a cookie ... it's very open-ended, thus the need for your application to provide a shim. –  Howard M. Lewis Ship Jun 3 '13 at 17:45

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