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Is there an easy way to do a RegExp replace in FreePascal/Lazarus?

Hunting around I can see that I can do a match fairly easily, but I'm struggling to find functions to do a search and replace.

What I'm trying to acheive is as follows.

  • I have an XML file loaded into a SynEdit component.
  • The XML file has a decalaration at the start
  • The DTD is held in a seperate file.
  • I don't want to combine the two in one file, but I do wantto validate the XML as it is being editted.
  • I'm reading the XML into a string variable and I want to insert the DTD between the and the XML content in a temporary string variable (to create a compliant XML with self contained DTD) that can be parsed and validated.

So essentially I have:


And I want to do a RegExp type search and replace for '<?Line1?>' replaceing with '<?Line1?>\n<![DTD\nINFO WOULD\nGO HERE\n!]' to give me:


For example in PHP I would use:


But there doesn't seem to be an equivalent set of regexp functions for FreePascal / Lazarus - just a simple/basic RegExp match function.

Or is there an easier way without using regular expressions - I don't want to assume that the declaration is always there in the correct position on Line 1 though - just to complicate things.



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I avoid regexes generally, but afaik there are PCRE header conversions out there. –  Marco van de Voort Mar 27 '13 at 21:26
That's got me searching in the right direction, I think. Found a few Delphi compatible wrapped versions so just got to figure out how to integrate into Lazarus now. –  Fat Monk Mar 28 '13 at 8:27
Thanks @Marco-van-de-Voort. I've downloaded TPerlRegEx which seems to be a pretty good library from reading around, but I cannot figure out or find any documentation about how to integrate a Delphi library package (I'm aware that this may not be a particulary correct term) into Lazarus. Can anyone give me any pointers? –  Fat Monk Apr 11 '13 at 9:10
Don't. That is only necessary for (designtime) controls. Get the basic unit, and simply put it where the compiler can find it. Probably the package contains tedits with regex validator or so. –  Marco van de Voort Apr 11 '13 at 18:48
Well I'm getting part way there, but still gettings errors. I downloaded TPerlRegEx from link, put it in its own directory under components in the lazarus directory, added the unit to my project and to the use clause of the unit that will use it but got compile errors. I then Ran Tools->Convert Delhi unit on PerlRegEx.pas which seems to have corrected compile time errors with that, but when I do the same with pcre.pas I get and error about the data type external in a function declaration and the same if I try to compile without converting. –  Fat Monk Apr 12 '13 at 13:50

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