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I have following code fragment:

if my_string.comment.blank?
  xml.string(:name => {
    xml.text(variation_value(my_string, variation_id))
  xml.string(:name =>, :comment => my_string.comment) {
    xml.text(variation_value(my_string, variation_id))

what I do not like here is that xml.string and its block are mentioned two times. How could this be rewritten?

Could it be rewritten to have two different xml.string calls, but one block for them both?

Or may be :comment => my_string.comment could be passed or not passed, depending on my_string.comment.blank? condition?

P.S. This fragment uses Nokogiri to form XML, and there is no "string" method to look into.

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The first thing I can think about is prepare arguments hash beforehand:

args = {:name =>}
args[:comment] = my_string.comment unless my_string.comment.blank?

xml.string(args) {
  xml.text(variation_value(my_string, variation_id))

But maybe a cleaner way exists.

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Why the space between args and [? – Sergio Tulentsev Mar 27 '13 at 15:34
A typo :) Thanks for letting me know. – khustochka Mar 27 '13 at 15:58

Approach 1: Use merge to construct the options

  {:name =>}.merge(
    my_string.comment.present? ? {:comment => my_string.comment} : {}
  xml.text(variation_value(my_string, variation_id))

Approach 2: Use tap to construct the options

  {:name =>}.tap { |o| 
    o[:comment] = my_string.comment if my_string.comment.present? 
  xml.text(variation_value(my_string, variation_id))

Approach 3: Pre-create the options

See the answer above

I prefer the approach 3 followed by 2.

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