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I am trying to access ALM V11 (QC) Test Script details like Passed/No Run for particular project using Java but i am getting null. Can someone please help me on this?

Error I get:

at com.testpack.HPTest2.main(HPTest2.java:53)

Code I use to connect

        ITDConnection itd=ClassFactory.createTDConnection();
        System.out.println("Test1.1:"+ itd.connected());
        System.out.println("Test1:"+ itd.connected());

        ITestFactory testFactory;
        //ITSTest2 testFactory;
        ITDFilter2 filterF;
        IList executinList;

        String query="\"Passed\"";

I was trying this my comparing the VBScript I have

Set tdc = CreateObject("tdapiole80.tdconnection")
tdc.InitConnection serverName, domainName
tdc.ConnectProject projectName, projUserName, projPassword

'Get the test factory filter
Set TestSetFact = tdc.TSTestFactory
Set TestSetFilter = TestSetFact.Filter
stemp = ApplicationName
appsplit = Split(ApplicationName, "or")

irowtemp = 18

For iLoop = 0 To UBound(appsplit)
    TestSetFilter.Filter("TS_USER_06") = appsplit(iLoop)

    If initiativeName <> "" Then
        TestSetFilter.Filter("TS_USER_04") = initiativeName
    End If
    TestSetFilter.Filter("TC_STATUS") = "Passed"

    Sheet1.Cells(irowtemp, 2).Value = Trim(appsplit(iLoop))
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The Com4jObject.queryInterface() method returns null, if the wrapped COM object is not of that type.

It's probably just autocompletion, that messed up your code, but you should use


To get the filter, instead of fields().

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