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Question says it all. I basically need to allow users to click Select in a Datagrid and it enters the the edit row mode instead of the user having to click select and then edit? The reason I need for selection to be done first is because I am passing some values to the database in the code behind. Right now, as I said, the user clicks Select, then Edit, then marks a checkbox that is needed, and then update. I want to cut this process to Select, mark the checkbox, and update. Is this possible?

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It sort of depends (slightly) on what event you're currently handling.

In your SelectedIndexChanged event, you can just do this:

yourGridView.EditIndex = yourGridView.SelectedIndex;

If you're in the SelectedIndexChanging event, you need to do this:

yourGridView.EditIndex = e.NewSelectedIndex;

Where "e" is your GridViewSelectEventArgs object.

Depending on how your code is structured, you may need to call yourGridView.DataBind(); after setting the EditIndex.

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Well that was way simpler than I thought. Thanks Jadarnel! –  Lord Relix Mar 27 '13 at 16:14
No problem, @LordRelix, glad I could help =) –  jadarnel27 Mar 27 '13 at 16:18

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