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I have implemented paging in NHibernate using the Session.QueryOver as following:

public PagedList<T> GetPaged(Expression<Func<T, bool>> expression, PagingInfo pagingInfo)
  ISession session = sessionManager.OpenSession().InnerSession;
    int pageIndex = pagingInfo.PageIndex < 1 ? 1 : pagingInfo.PageIndex;

    var rowCount = session.QueryOver<T>().Where(expression)

    var query = session.QueryOver<T>().TransformUsing(Transformers.DistinctRootEntity)

    query = OrderBy(query, pagingInfo.OrderBy, pagingInfo.OrderDirection);

    var results = query.Take(pagingInfo.PageSize)
                       .Skip((pageIndex - 1) * pagingInfo.PageSize)

    return new PagedList<T>(results, pageIndex, pagingInfo.PageSize, rowCount.Value);

private static IQueryOver<T, T> OrderBy(IQueryOver<T, T> query, string orderBy, OrderDirection orderDirection)
  Order order = orderDirection == OrderDirection.Asc ? Order.Asc(orderBy) : Order.Desc(orderBy);
  return query;

The above code for paging works fine unless I use an expression like this:

Expression<Func<User, bool>> expression = usr => (string.IsNullOrEmpty(name) || usr.Name.Contains(name))
                                               && (string.IsNullOrEmpty(loginName) || usr.LoginName.Contains(loginName))
                                               && (string.IsNullOrEmpty(code) || usr.Code.Contains(code));

and use to get a paged list:

var users = _userRepo.GetPaged(expression, pagingInfo);

The above call to GetPaged raises the following exception:

NHibernate Unrecognised method call: System.String:Boolean IsNullOrEmpty(System.String)

Upon googling I came accross this and this.

So I have decided to use the Session.Query instead of Session.QueryOver so that I can use the condition expressions whithout any limitations.

Now my question is how do I get the row count as well as the paged data with a single call to the database? Has anyone else done paging using the Session.Query, if yes whats the approach; can we achieve it using a single call to the database for both the TotalRowsCount and the PagedData?

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There is a ToFutureValue<> method in the latest version of NHibernate. The usage is like this ToFutureValue(x => x.Count()). If you don't have the latest version you can implement it yourself as described in this blog post… – Vasea Mar 27 '13 at 17:21
possible duplicate… – Vasea Mar 27 '13 at 17:22
@Vasea Thanks for pointing to the blog post, it worked all the way for me. – Baig Mar 28 '13 at 7:19

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