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I have a problem with getting image from url. I'm using file_put_contents and I found that problem is white spaces in image url because images without any whitespace working.

The URL I'm getting image looks that:


I tried with urlencode() but it's still not working. If I echo encoded url I get:


How can I solve that problem? Thanks in advance


I figured out that I would need to replace ONLY whitespaces with %20. When using urlencode it encode entire URL so that's why it's not working.

Any tip how to do it? Thanks

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Use urldecode to convert %20 into real spaces.
Then you can call file_put_contents.

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You should never have to use urldecode as a url%20that%20contains%20spaces should, in PHP, already be decoded. I'm afraid the question might be a bit too unclear. – RobIII Mar 27 '13 at 15:47

You should only URL-encode the filename, not the entire path including the slashes:

$path = '/support/member_profile/16-New Image (With Logo) (Medium).jpg';
$p = pathinfo($path, PATHINFO_DIRNAME);
$f = pathinfo($path, PATHINFO_FILENAME);
$e = pathinfo($path, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);

echo sprintf('%s/%s.%s', $p, urlencode($f), urlencode($e));

And, actually, you need to urlencode each path-part as well.

$path = '/support/member profile/16-New Image (With Logo) (Medium).jpg';
$p = explode('/', $path);

foreach ($p as $pp)
  $pathparts[] = urlencode($pp);

echo implode('/', $pathparts);
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