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Is there a query that would be able to accomplish this?

For example given an entry '' ..I would want to split the string by the '.'s, and apply the equation:

IP Number = 16777216*w + 65536*x + 256*y + z where IP Address = w.x.y.z

Would this be possible from just a Query?

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You can use split_part(). For example:

CREATE FUNCTION ip2int(text) RETURNS bigint AS $$ 
SELECT split_part($1,'.',1)::bigint*16777216 + split_part($1,'.',2)::bigint*65536 +
 split_part($1,'.',3)::bigint*256 + split_part($1,'.',4)::bigint;

SELECT ip2int('');
>> 3370713346

Or, if don't want to define a function, simply :

SELECT split_part(ip,'.',1)::bigint*16777216 + split_part(ip,'.',2)::bigint*65536 +
 split_part(ip,'.',3)::bigint*256 + split_part(ip,'.',4)::bigint;

The drawback of the later is that, if the value is given by some computation instead of being just a table field, it can be inefficient to compute, or ugly to write.

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How would I apply this given my column name is ip? A bit confused –  user2315 Mar 27 '13 at 15:51

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