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I am using http://www.eyecon.ro/bootstrap-datepicker/ and am trying to change a specific behavior: When you change from the view where you can pick a day to the view where you can pick a month (or the view where you can pick a year), when you pick a month (or a year), the date changes to the first of that month (or year). I don't want that to trigger the changeDate event.

Alternatively, if there were a way to disable the month/year view, that would probably work as well.

I don't see anything in the documentation for this datepicker to indicate that this is possible, but I'm hoping that it is.


I opened bootstrap-datepicker.js and commented out lines 285-292, which seemed to work for the above.

//if (this.viewMode !== 0) {
//  this.date = new Date(this.viewDate);
//  this.element.trigger({
//      type: 'changeDate',
//      date: this.date,
//      viewMode: DPGlobal.modes[this.viewMode].clsName
//  });

However, how do I prevent onRender in the same situation?

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In the same bootstrap-datepicker.js file, I modified line 210 from this:

clsName = this.onRender(prevMonth);

To this:

clsName = (this.viewMode == 0) ? this.onRender(prevMonth) : '';

Now, onRender is only called when the current viewMode is 0 (days).

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