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Is there a Chrome Javascript/DOM Reference page like the Mozilla Developer Network? which other page covers Chrome specific implementations of "The Standards"?

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There is nothing Chrome specific that I know of. There is Webkit API documentation but that is not very comprehensive and also just ends up pointing to MDN! If you see the Using the Document Object Model From JavaScript → Other Resources page it states:

Mozilla Gecko DOM Reference is one of the most comprehensive references for the JavaScript DOM will eventually cover all browsers.

Also, I usually find that MDN highlights compatibility in other browsers anyway, for example Chrome is shown on the DOM Mutation Observer page.

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The problem is that Chrome implementation doesn't always comply with MDN and In such cases, I end up reverse-engineering the docs. – Tomáš Zato Dec 2 '14 at 14:54!topic/chromium-discuss/N56v_0tOVaM

Chrome uses V8 JavaScript Engine, it implements ECMAScript ECMA-262,

Check out these links for implementations and standards

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