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I am trying to fool around with the Vacuum gem, but I have some issues with the example. When I run the code as described on the frontpage:

req = Vacuum.new

req.configure key:    'foo',
              secret: 'secret',
              tag:    'biz-val'

params = { 'Operation'   => 'ItemSearch',
           'SearchIndex' => 'Books',
           'Keywords'    => 'Architecture' }

res = req.get query: params # XPath is your friend.

I am having issues getting the XML from the response. I can see that the object type is Excon::Response and actually contains data, but how do I retrieve the XML it contains?

I have tried with both res.to_xml and res.xml, and even loading it into Nokogiri, but with no success.

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I found out. XML was saved in the object Body in the response.

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