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I have an idea for a Software as a Service (SaaS) application. I'm not going to post the idea itself here, as that would be dumb, but am instead asking about the details of implementation.

My idea would be implemented in PHP running on an EC2 server - I already have the server(s). I'm confident I can build a working version of the software required.

Now, my question is how to sell it. Specifically, how do I collect payments and manage accounts? Should I use a framework? If so, which one? Should I build it myself? Should I outsource it to China?

I have SQL running on the server, as well as PHP, etc. I'm quite familiar with the command line.

Anything helps - I'll accept someone. Easy rep here if you've done it!

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First, you need to identify the basic entity that you are going to charge. For example, if I am providing a web service as SaaS, then I can bill each call to the service as a basic unit and the consumers will be charged based on the number of hits.

Next step, is how to decide on the payment struture. It should definitely based on a unique customer id and kind of a plan selected. For example, say 0- 10 K hits, the rate per hit is $x.xx and if it is 10 K - 20 K.

Once the plan tiers are in place. You can use some 3rd part services eg. Chargify for the billing.

Hope my answers help.

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Does Chargify have an API that I can use to check if the user is currently allowed to access to app? Preferably from PHP? –  Undo Mar 27 '13 at 17:04
They do have API and this page has some PHP samples as well. You still need to check whether Chargify suits your business idea. –  Jay Mar 27 '13 at 21:30

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