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Using SQL Server 2012 I I have a query that uses numbers for my where clause for example:

Select *
from abcTable
where code IN (1, 2, 20, 40, 50)

Imagine there are lots inside the IN criteria, not only does 5 items as in my example. Now when I run, the column CODE in my abcTable is a varchar and it complains about the conversion. Fair enough.

Is there a way of quick find and replace (CTRL+F) find all numbers and add double codes between the numbers?

I tried using Regular Expressions, Wildcards everything and it just does not work.

At the end I have to go manually and edit that like that:

where code IN ('1', '2', '20', '40', '50')

Would you know how to best use the Find and Replace for this case?

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There isn't anything to do this really.

I guess a quick and dirty way would be to replace , with ', '

This would give you:

where code IN (1', '2', '20', '40', '50)

So you would just need to add the first and very last ' to your query to give you:

where code IN ('1', '2', '20', '40', '50')

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Hi Barry, thanks for your answered. It did what I was looking for. Thank you –  user2216540 Mar 28 '13 at 8:59

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