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I would like to ssh to another server to run some script.

But before I run the script, I need to change directory to the path where the script is locate and set some environment variables.

In my local host, it can be done by

os.environ["xxx"] = "xxx"

But in paramiko, I am not sure if any method can accomplish the things above. The closest thing I found is

ssh.exec_command("cd /xxx/yyy;xxx.sh")

But I would not like to execute several commands connect together with ; .

Would like to ask is there any other way that can change directory/set environment variables when ssh using paramiko?

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you can use '|' pipe to combine different commands. It will work with ssh.exec_command().

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For environment variables I could not get them to be set, however using an interactive shell will load the environment variables of the user. Those you can change in the .bashrc file.

For how to set up an interactive shell: http://snipplr.com/view/12940/

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