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I am getting an error stating "Error exporting project to SDR root" when trying to export my waveform to the Target SDR.

I am using REDHAWK 1.8.3 on Centos 6 64-bit.

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This error is caused by an ownership issue with $SDRROOT. It needs to be owned (or writeable) by the user. One option is the following:

$ sudo chown -R <user name>.<user name> $SDRROOT

The error you are referencing has been addressed in the newest documentation -

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The option that I use is to create my own SDRROOT directory, then copy everything over from /var/redhawk/sdr. This is a VERY GOOD THING TO DO if you have more than one person doing Redhawk development on the same computer or if you use different computer architectures. I haven't used version 1.8 yet, but in the past, if you had SDRROOT in your home directory and tried to use it on a computer with a different architecture (32 bit vs. 64), bad things would happen. The fix for that is to copy over the correct binaries when you switch architectures and/or create separate 32 bit and 64 bit SDRROOTs...

You can also check out this link.

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