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I'm programming my TI-84 in C with z88dk. I need to call things like normalcdf and Ztest. I know they can be called from ti-BASIC, but how do I call them from C or inline assembly?

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In TI-84 assembly, you use the BCALL or B_CALL instruction to do a "system call" into the TI-84's ROM. This is usually used for simple I/O things (B_CALL PutS prints a string to the screen), but it could also be for more complicated mathematical routines (LD A,OPNormal; B_CALL BinOPExec computes the normalcdf( function).

Google "ti-84 bcall BinOPExec" for more information on B_CALL.

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Thanks. yeesh this is going to be fun to figure out –  deepthought Jul 2 '13 at 17:41
@deepthought If this solved your problem, please "accept" this answer, to keep your question from coming up as "Unanswered" and of course to give me karma. ;) Thanks! –  Quuxplusone Jul 3 '13 at 3:50

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