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I have a FORM with a SELECT element inside it.

<form name="something">

And the CSS:


form select:focus
    border: #ffdead solid 2px;

What I am doing is ensuring that all SELECTs are always the same height, but when a user TABS through elements on the page, I want the SELECT to have a border when focus.

This works in most browsers, but in IE10 when a user clicks on the SELECT, the select is not expanded - it is focused, and the user must click again to expand the options.

Here is a JSFIDDLE to see how it works in IE10: http://jsfiddle.net/rtKGE/3/

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I've found that it has more to do with setting select's border in css :focus

You can try using this in your fiddle and see it works

form select:focus

Anyway it's a weird one since in other than your fiddle, I can set up other border properties like border-color or border-style and it only breaks again whenever I set up border-width like in this css


Hope it helps.

Regards, Daniel

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