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I want to group items in a treeview but no at first level.

For exemple, I have a treeview displaying a hierarchical view like these :

Organization 1
 Department 1
   Person 1
   Person 2
 Department 2
   Person 1
Organisation 2
 Department 1



you can group on organization, but I whant to group persons in order of a property (i.e. gender)


is working for grouping organizations but I am unable to set a groupstyle for a treeview item like this :

<Style x:key="PersonNodeStyle" TargetType="TreeViewItem" >
    <Setter Property="GroupStyle">

Why I am unable to set the GroupStyle value of a TreeViewItem ?

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By redefining the ItemsControl for Person I am able to set his GroupStyle then get a grouping for level n into a treeview. I'll post solution tomorrow. –  Avlin Mar 28 '13 at 0:29
Not working, too much difficult. I'll group using an intermediate level in the tree and do grouping logic in viewmodel. –  Avlin Mar 28 '13 at 3:44

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