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Is there an equivalent to Java Media Framework in C#?

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I think what you are looking for is something like DirectShow .NET. There are also links there to the related Media Foundation .NET and Windows Media .NET projects.

Media Foundation is a successor to DirectShow for Windows Vista and beyond. If you need to target XP you will need to use DirectShow.

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DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code

DirectX is a set of low-level application programming interfaces (APIs) for creating games and other high-performance multimedia applications. It includes support for high-performance 2-D and 3-D graphics, sound, and input.

Introducing the New Managed Direct3D Graphics API in the .NET Framework

DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code is made up of the following major components.

  • Direct3D Graphics provides a single API that you can use for 3-D graphics programming.

  • DirectDraw provides direct low-level access to video memory for high-speed rendering. Deprecated.

  • DirectInput provides support for a variety of input devices, including full support for force-feedback technology.

  • DirectPlay provides support for multiplayer networked games. Deprecated.

  • DirectSound provides support for playing and capturing prerecorded digital samples.

  • Audio Video Playback allows for playback and simple control of audio and video media.

As another poster has pointed out, if you do not need such fine grain control, then there are standard Windows components to playback media.

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The Windows Media Player SDK has a .NET Control that you can drop onto forms. Additionally, .NET 3.0 and newer has a WPF control for media.

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