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I am developing an application (.Net Windows Form) and using web browser control to show user data and yammer embedded feed. As a starting point, I am using following script in Web Browser Control.

    container: "#embedded-feed",
    network: "",
    feedType: "group",
    feedId: "11111"});

It shows me “Login with Yammer” sign-in button but it doesn't show embedded feed once I login-in using OAuth dialog. Also OAuth popup is not closed. I tried same html page in browser / IE and it works fine.

How to use embedded feed in client application / web browser control or how to interact with OAuth in this case?

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Are you seeing any exceptions from the popup dialog? Embed uses a popup window. I haven't used the Web Browser control in a while, but it wouldn't surprise me if you needed some code to handle that correctly. – Brian Lyttle Oct 17 '13 at 22:48

OAuth popup callback to the original post via postMessage to let it know that users is authenticated. And main Embed reload itself. I am not familiar with Web Browser control. Your best bet is to look for any error being spitted out. Or find out if Web Browser control has some limitation around postMessage.

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