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I have an application, that shows different DialogFragments in response to different actions(mostly Async ones). I'm using latest revision of Support library(constantly updaring it though SDK Manager)

All the actions throw Intent in callback

Intents are processed in the BroadcastReceiver, that is registered in onPostResume callback(and unregistered in onPause).

Dialog is shown immediately after the intent is caught:

if(Constants.SHOW_DIALOG_INTENT.equals(intent.getAction()) {

Dialogs are shown via show(FragmentManager, String) method

So the question is: why am I getting IllegalStateException from some users(app is used by 10k+ users, but only 10-15 exceptions are caught so far). I have no idea what can cause this, except for some kind of a race condition(Activity is going down between the showDialog() and actual calls)

What can I do to avoid this(I understand, that 0.1% of errors is acceptable, but I'm just trying to find the problem)?

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