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I have my proj structure like this


I want to create a tar.gz that looks like


How do I do it using ant tar task ?

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This one should work (I've tested this on my computer and it works):

<project name="tar.test" default="tartest">

    <dirname property="basedir" file="${ant.file.tar.test}" />

    <target name="tartest">
        <tar destfile="${basedir}/files.tar">
            <tarfileset dir="${basedir}/myproj">
                <exclude name="target/**" />
            <tarfileset dir="${basedir}/myproj/target"/>


BTW, you should read tar manual on apache page, you will find there few examples which shoud help you.

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I would first <copy> the files to some other directory (e.g., one called 'package') with the folder structure that you want. Then, run <tar> and <gzip>:

<tar destfile="myTar.tar" basedir="package" />
<gzip src="myTar.tar" destfile="myTar.tar.gz"/>
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