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I have a COM port that I know receive invalid parity bits and I'm using the following program, however I never seem to get the trailing 126 byte that the documentation mentions.

In the following program the console prints lots of !!!!! but no ?????, why?

Also I'm assuming that the byte with the invalid parity bit will still be included in the stream?

using (var serialPort = new SerialPort())
    serialPort.PortName      = "COM2";
    serialPort.BaudRate      = 562500;
    serialPort.Parity        = Parity.Space;
    serialPort.DataBits      = 8;
    serialPort.StopBits      = StopBits.One;

    serialPort.ErrorReceived += (s, e) => Console.WriteLine("!!!!!");


    var thread = new Thread(() =>
        while (isRunning)
            var b = serialPort.ReadByte();

            if (b == 126)


    Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit.");

    isRunning = false;
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It is a documentation bug. The actual replacement character is '?', ASCII code 63.

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