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I run a non profit based .net user group called DevEvening ( and am always looking to improve it.

I wondered what people liked and disliked about user groups and what could persuade people to attend who did not already?

Since your using this site I guess you have some outside of work interest in development - do you attend user groups?

I have been to a number of events and different user groups and although the quality of presentations etc have been mixed I find it is always interesting and useful talking to other developers.

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I don't much like developer user groups, as I find that the quality of feedback you get in a site such as this is so much better than you get in a limited geographical area. The principal reason i'd attend is to meet someone I already knew from the web and maybe have a few beers. That said, Microsoft are really making a more imaginative effort in this area, as shown by the emailed link I got this morning. Way to go.

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Blade Runner screening - cool! –  alexmac Oct 1 '08 at 8:26

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