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I have 2 databases. One for the operations and one for analytics.

the analytics database is not 1:1 the same as the operations database but still very similar.

Now I loaded archive files(csv) into the analytics database (it was empty before). Now I have my old data in the analytics and my current data in the operations database.

Now i want to write an querie to find out if some of the newly loaded records were already in the database.

Is there a way to check this out?


First of all I'm sorry. Made a mistake after looking at my database. I don't need to compare two different databases, while copying the operations database via phpmyadmin I forgot to load the current data into the analytics database. So I just need to compare 2 tables in one database, whether some of the old records were already in the database. My first idea is/was:

SELECT * FROM orderlinesold t1 LEFT JOIN orderlines t2 on t1.orderid = t2.orderid;

but after running that query I get the hole rows as a result which is impossible --> wrong query.

How can I check up if some of the old data are still in the new one?

PS: Tables are in the comments as a link.

  1. EDIT:

Ok I solved it. Was just a little comparing query:

SELECT * FROM ordersold t1  INNER JOIN orders t2
ON t1.orderid = t2.orderid LIMIT100000000;


SELECT * FROM orderlinesold t1 LEFT JOIN orderlines t2 
ON t1.orderid = t2.orderid where t2.orderid IS NOT NULL LIMIT 100000000;

both discard the correct result.

Still thanks. This post can be closed.

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Please provide the table formats for the two tables. Better yet, provide SQL that gives an example of what you have tried. –  Gordon Linoff Mar 27 '13 at 19:50
Looks like this thread may help you stackoverflow.com/questions/225772/… . Otherwise you could write queries for each table to analyze that, maybe using an IN or NOT IN clause. –  Scotch Mar 27 '13 at 19:53
here my tables: imgur.com/XpgwI35 –  JOP Mar 27 '13 at 20:06

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there are tools to help you compare two databases but the basic technique that you can use, assuming you can rely on a primary key to identify missing records, is:

select    oo.id
from      operations.orders oo
left join analytics.orders ao 
on        oo.id = ao.id
where     ao.id is null
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thanks, but i edited my thread, cause i dont need to compare 2 databased anymore, but 2 tables if there are same ids. would this query be correct? SELECT * FROM orderlinesold t1 LEFT JOIN orderlines t2 on t1.orderid = t2.orderid where t2.orderid is not null limit 30000; –  JOP Mar 27 '13 at 21:14
No, you have to look for IS NULL in the table with fewer records. Assuming orderlines has more records than orderlinesold, then it should be: SELECT * FROM orderlinesold t1 RIGHT JOIN orderlines t2 on t1.orderid = t2.orderid where t1.orderid is null limit 30000; Note that I changed also LEFT to RIGHT. –  koriander Mar 27 '13 at 21:33

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